From land by sea to sand, then sculpted by nature’s fair hand

It’s difficult to convincingly recreate mother nature’s beauty and authenticity, but the fruits of her natural artistry can be captured and crafted into practical decor pieces for you to enjoy in and around the home, and in some cases a garden.

about-driftwoodFrom mirrors and clocks, to light pulls and plant pots. These are just a few of the useful items created in driftwood that not only serve a daily purpose, but also act as a subtle reminder of the love affair each of us holds with the beach, the ocean, and everything else this magical coastal environment encompasses to us on a personal level.
Whether you’re wanting to bring the beach into your bathroom or introduce memories from lazy days by the seaside into your living room, each individual piece of reef raff holds timeless rustic qualities which will captivate and enhance any setting you choose. Simplicity and charm… shabby chic as nature intended.

Reduced, reused and recycled

Not only are the benefits to owning reef raff driftwood goods both practical and aesthetic, you’re also supporting the ethical values which are sympathetic to the environment in two very important ways.

bouyFirstly, with prior clearance and guidance sought from the respective authorities, the driftwood is carefully gathered by hand with consideration to the surrounding natural habitat and forms of marine life.
Whilst beachcombing, rope and stray sections of ghost net are removed from the foreshore, not only with the intention of being used for decorative authenticity, but more importantly, the very act itself helps in the conservation of marine life.

Secondly, many of the tools and equipment used in the creative process are obtained through the second-hand market. The majority of elements incorporated into the various driftwood pieces which haven’t been collected through beachcombing are also upcycled trappings.
In both cases, the reusing of such resources is great for helping the environment because in comparison to the complete life cycle of a newly manufactured product, significantly less raw materials are sourced and less fuel and energy is spent. The amount of unwanted waste which may otherwise need disposing of is also reduced.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”
Mother Teresa

Naturally nice

screwsBefore use, all materials collected from the beach are thoroughly scrubbed clean and pressure washed with fresh water to remove any loose debris. The wood is then completely dried and stored at room temperature.
This settles the pieces and minimises any movement which may occur after the wood has been selected for use and secured in place.
One of the many distinctive characteristics associated with driftwood is its beautiful sun bleached colour.
Treatment with preserving products to the wood considerably darkens its weathered appearance, and so the pieces are consciously left unspoilt so that they retain their natural trademark colour and character.

In a world of mass production it’s not easy finding something special or unique. In driftwood, nature guarantees both of these attributes, needless to say, no two pieces are the same.

A highly original gift or something personal to you that only you could own… if it’s from reef raff, you know it’s a shore thing!