Kick back, relax

Time and tide may not wait for man but hang on, important decisions can’t be rushed, right!? Take your time browsing through the reef raff and enjoy the moment.
If there’s a particular piece that catches your eye and you’d like reference to it, hover your mouse over the preview picture and you’ll get it’s description. Click on any image for the enlarged gallery view, or hit ‘View as slideshow’ and let technology do its thing.

Where appropriate, the measurements shown in the gallery view have been taken from the maximum width, height and depth, but are approximate due to the varied nature and shape of the pieces.

driftwood beach break 1

driftwood beach break 2


“It’s great to hear about how other people are putting so much effort into protecting our marine environment and even better that you’re making something out of what you find at your beach cleans, we think your work is great.
Keep it up and good luck for the future.”  Jacey Russell – Surfers Against Sewage

Sure, driftwood is good for a beach fire, it even keeps our four legged friends happy and healthy playing ‘fetch’, but the creative cogs are
always turning. Further to the goods shown here, lots of varied, extraordinary and exciting new ideas beyond driftwoods common uses are all
in the line-up, it’s just a matter of time before they take form. So remember to visit this page regularly to make sure none of them drift past
you unnoticed.

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